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Salary payment options

Salary Bulk Payments by Net1 FIHRST Holdings (Pty) Ltd.


Net1 FIHRST's secure and reliable payment service is the ideal solution for distributing Nett Salaries as calculated by Abacus Payroll.

FIHRST is a Payroll Transaction Management Service based in Johannesburg and the preferred payment partner of more than 1,250 employer groups of all sizes across all sectors of the economy. At present, payments exceeding R77.7 billion are processed annually on behalf of clients, representing 850 000 employees.    


Integrated within Abacus Payroll, the FIHRST payment solution streamlines payroll administration process.  Security surrounding the payment of employees is also enhanced with built in checks and controls and a full audit trail. 

A highly competitive processing fee of R3.99 (incl. VAT)  per transaction (single employee nett salary) is charged without any minimum transaction volume or limits imposed. 

Employers have the option to specify a release day, which means all employees will receive their funds at the same time, irrespective of who they bank with.    


Bank Cards for Unbanked Employees from Diamond Cash

The Diamond Cash Card is a re-loadable, reusable prepaid card that brings with it a full range of banking functionality without the frustrations and high cost of traditional banking. Its seamless integration with Abacus Payroll Software allows employers to offer direct deposits of salaries, commissions, expenses etc. to employees.

Since requirements to get a card are minimal the Diamond Cash Card is the ideal payment solutions for those employees who do not have a bank account.  Employers issue the cards to their employees, which means that the implementation time is quick and easy.

Diamond Cash offers a full range of banking functionality, including mobile and internet banking, and cardholders enjoy the convenience of access to their pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via millions of ATMs and Point-Of-Sale terminals at grocery stores, petrol stations and other retailers displaying the MasterCard┬« logo.   

Through "linked" cards, cardholders can also safely and cheaply send money home to remote family members.

Employers benefit not only in terms of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the payment solution, but the elimination of cash payments is an obvious relief in terms of security concerns for both employers and employees.