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Advanced CTC Calculator


The AbacusPlus Advanced CTC Calculator is a unique tool that allows the user to design client specific salary structures, thereby determining the fixed cost of a specific employee to the employer. Calculations can be done either from top to bottom (yearly CTC to Net pay), or bottom to top (Net Pay to Yearly CTC).

The system layout is structured around a “payslip” that clearly defines all earning and deduction such as Earnings, Bonuses, Pension (Approved & Unapproved), travel & other allowances, fringe benefits, medical aid credits and standard deductions on a single screen.

This product is an essential support product for individuals tasked with salary structuring and a vital tool for professionals performing salary auditing.

A cost to company or total cost package is a method used by an employer to remunerate an employee based on a package, being the guaranteed sum of money the employer will spend on that position.