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Software Downloads


First time installations:

1 Minute Youtube DEMO:   Watch Now 


DEMO VERSION:   Abacus Payroll Software (Full Download for New Installation, +/- 500MB)

(Please make sure you have Winrar installed on your system to be able to extract the Demo file)


Software updates:

Abacus Payroll Software Version Updates (2017)



Abacus Payroll Software Version Updates (2016)



Release Notes:
Abacus Payroll Software Update V7.0


Import Sheets

- Bulk Import Sheet (Employer / Employees)



- Guidelines: Download and Activate Abacus Payroll Software From Version 5

- Fail to Connect to SQL Server Express

- FIHRST Bulk Payments: Take-on Sheet

- Guidelines: FIHRST Bulk Payments Process

- Reports available in Abacus Payroll

- How to register and Activate Online Backup

- Reports available in Abacus Payroll



General Info

- Abacus Payroll Software Pricing Structures

- Abacus Employer Protect: Indwe-Abacus Protection Plan (i-APP)

- Abacus Payroll Software User Agreement

- Employment Tax Incentive Leaflet

- How to process ETI Report


Abacus Employer Protect


- i-APP brochure

- i-APP electronic brochure

- i-APP Policy Wording

- iAPP Benefit Table

- i-APP Claims procedure

- i-APP FAQ's

- Accident Expert

- Indwe Risk Services: Broker details



 Regulatory Info

- Pocket guide to the National Budget Speech 2017

- Abacus Tax Guide 2017/18

- Basic Conditions of Employment Act

- Release Notes: e@syFile™ Employer Updates

- Business requirements specification: PAYE Employer Reconciliation (Including ETI Requirements)

- Registration of employees for Income Tax Purposes


Download Support

- Aeroadmin


Functional Software

- AbacusDecrypt

- Flash Player

- WinRAR 32bit

- WinRAR 64bit


- SQL 2008

- Adobe Reader

- Microsoft Report Viewer