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Be vigilant, warns SARS



In a recent statement, the SA Revenue Service urged both individuals and businesses to be vigilant about fraud and phishing scams. SARS, SA financial institutions and security firms report that the incidence of such fraudulent activities increase during the annual tax filing season, and despite repetitive warnings about these schemes, many people still fall victim to these schemes.

A typical scam involves phishing mails that seemingly come from SARS, falsely advising recipients of a tax refund due to them, or mails seemingly from banks asking recipients to confirm their bank details for tax purposes. These mails contain links to false forms and false websites made to appear genuine, but aims at getting people to enter their personal and banking information which the criminals the extract and use fraudulently.

In light of these threats, SARS urges taxpayers to be vigilant and offer the following advice:
- Since neither SARS, nor banks will ask you to disclose your personal, banking or eFiling information in an email, sms or through websites, never open or respond to such messages.
- Businesses should also bring this matter to the attention of all their employees and ensure that adequate measure are put in place to prevent financial losses and unsolicited disclosure of personal and company information.

More information from SARS about tax crimes and phishing scams are available on from SARS .