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Hassle-free trip logs



SARS has taken a real interest in how Travel Allowances are managed and to what extend substantiating data is available for auditing. A good way for employers to maintain comprehensive records is to create a monthly management statement for travel allowances where the following is addressed:
   - Number of kilometres travelled
   - Categorising Business & Private trips
   - The final kilometre reading each month
   - Total associated expenses: Fuel & Maintenance

It is also important to remember that the value of your vehicle should be adjusted each year, in accordance with the set guidelines.

To simplify this process we recommend our clients invest in The Little LogBook as a record management tool. The Little LogBook is a small GPS device that plugs into the cigarette lighter or USB port of your car to accurately record trips. This award winning device is extremely easy to use and its powerful software enables you to download and manage your trips at the click of a mouse.

Abacus Payroll Software is proud to announce that we have been authorized as an official reseller of the Little LogBook. This not only allows us to offer the Little LogBook devices at a very competitive price, but we look forward to introducing an innovative application of The Little LogBook as a new feature within Abacus Payroll in the near future.