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Remember their Payslips



Presenting employees with a basic payslip is probably the simplest, yet most neglected aspect of payroll compliance. While the importance of accurate and on-time payment of salaries and taxes is generally accepted, many employers fail to provide employees with the legally required information that should accompany each payment made to an employee.

The payslip is a legal mandatory requirement that gives the employee a well-organized breakdown of his net earnings and deductions for a particular payment period, whether daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Nowadays, these payslips need not be printed, but may be delivered to employees in electronic format to a variety of platforms.

So what information should be included on the payslip? According to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, employees should be provided the following information in writing, on each date the employee is paid:

- the employer’s name and address

- the employee’s name and occupation

- the period of payment

- the remuneration amount

- the amount and purpose of any deductions made from the remuneration

- the actual amount paid to the employee

- If relevant to the calculation of the employee’s remuneration,

  • the employee’s rate of remuneration and overtime rate
  • the number of ordinary and overtime hours worked during the payment period
  • the number of hours worked on a Sunday or public holiday during that period
  • if an agreement to average working time has been concluded, the total number of ordinary hours worked in the period of averaging.

The Act stipulates further that payslips must handed to employees during the workers' normal working hours or within 15 minutes of the conclusion thereof, at the workplace or a place agreed by the workers.

A well-presented, accurate and comprehensive payslip is a positive reflection of the employer’s attitude towards his employees. And by including a personal message such as birthday wishes or a complementary note on performance, the payslip is transformed from a salary report to a personal recognition of the employee as valuable contributor to the success of the business and may indeed impact positively on employee retention and loyalty.