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Payroll % of Profit



Do you know what percentage of your profits is absorbed by payroll? Amazingly enough, the South African average is estimated to be between 50 and 60%. The suggested norm ranges between 35 and 40% but levels exceeding 40% are deemed unacceptable. Why the huge discrepancy? Apart from stringent labour laws and regulatory requirements, the taxman, bargaining councils, trade unions, fuel, loans, fund payments and medical aids all have their part to play in influencing the total payroll cost. 

Without effective management control, your payroll can easily eat up even more of your profits. According to Roelof Oosthuizen, MD of Abacus Payroll Software, achieving cost savings, and increased control while ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating risks associated with human resources become a priority to business of all sizes. 

Salaries are sensitive and complicated by nature, which means errors cannot be tolerated. To ensure the payroll is funded and processed appropriately and structured to aid efficiency, a comprehensive payroll software solution is imperative to businesses of all sizes. It saves you time, money and effort. 

Efficient payroll software enables you to enjoy the best tax savings allowed, while its complete functionality allows accurate calculations of aspects like Cost to Company, travel allowances and loan management. The best payroll software should be easy to use, thus allowing a proficient staff member to easily and accurately manage the payroll as part of his/her normal duties. The need for a dedicated payroll administrator in the company is consequently eliminated. 

One of the most important benefits of comprehensive payroll software is the various reports it generates. These reports provide indispensable management information that can be accessed timeously to support your business decisions. 

Does your payroll software empower you to enjoy the best possible benefits you qualify for? We would like to invite you to explore Abacus Payroll Software. This locally developed, feature-rich payroll software package was developed to meet the specific needs of small and medium enterprises. Your payroll presents real challenges - now discover the real solution: Abacus Payroll Software. For more information contact Roelof Oosthuizen on 0861 600 105 or email