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Simple. Comprehensive. Affordable.



We set out developing an exceptional payroll solution.


Because traditional systems just did not measure up any longer.


  Now, you also have a modern, smarter option.




People are the bottom line.

Payroll is about the people who drive innovation and growth and make your business perform. Accurate, timely processing of your payroll confirms not only your business’ financial integrity, but how you value and respect your workforce.




 A valuable strategic resource

Your payroll is undoubtedly the premier source of people data available in your business.  It is authentic, objective and precise - and potentially eye-opening.  The insight it offers not only supports your decision making, but also your overall business management.


Abacus Payroll Software empowers you to look after the best interest of both your workforce and your business. After all, it is an interest shared.


  •    We believe:


    • in doing things right. Our system is and will remain 100% SARS compliant. The accuracy of our built in, pre-configured calculators also ensure that both you and your employees enjoy the best possible Tax savings.


    • your time is precious. Payroll processing should not take you hours. The simplicity of our system, its speed and quality of processing means you have more time to focus on what is important to you.


    • in the wisdom of Leonardo da Vinci’s words: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Our software is easy to learn and operate, and allows even an inexperienced user to create and maintain an efficient payroll.


    • call centres are infuriating. You need someone who pays attention to you and your business. We take great pride in the professional and personal service our agents are recognised for – a handshake and sharing a smile is still a good foundation to a great relationship.


    • salaries should not to be messed with. We agree that salaries are sensitive and complicated by nature and errors cannot be tolerated. This is why our user training is mandatory, support is always at hand and our calculation are precise.


    • software should be affordable. We don’t tie you down in contracts or charge expensive license fees. A fixed annual tax update fee ensures your system stays up to date throughout the year.


    • perspective is key. We are determined to remain focused on our clients’ perspective – to see the business world through their eyes, and make sure our system really works for them.


    • continued innovation is a top priority. We are never complacent about our product and continuously innovate to offer an even more streamlined and user-friendly solution, while expanding functionality.






    Ons gesels graag ook in Afrikaans.


    About our Clients

    Successful businesses throughout SA are powered by Abacus Payroll. From large corporates in metropolitan areas, to SMEs in dorpies often overlooked, our clients include:
    accountants, auditors, manufacturers, service stations, churches, schools, supermarkets, farms, franchises, engineering services, security companies, management consultants, hotels and retailers of all kind.



    In their own words:

    “…I found Abacus Payroll user friendly in every aspect…there is no wasting time looking for the correct field… Abacus Payroll has saved me time and money…can you believe there is no licensing fee.”
    - Stephen Khouri, Rra-Tau Services

    Abacus Payroll is exactly that; a time-saving, cost effective, all-in-one solution for the payroll market. Furthermore it is flexible to adapt to most businesses. Abacus Payroll is also easy to learn and extremely user-friendly.
    - Anton Nel, Coverline Accounting And Tax Consultants

    “…with the functionality and user friendly operation… easy to navigate. The reports are easy to understand and use. Considering all the functionality included, it is hard to believe the affordability of the packages…”
    - Claudine du Plessis, Call-a-Guard Security

    “... Ek is verbaas oor hoe omvattend die stelsel is in terme van die hoeveelheid funksies en belastingberekeninge wat ‘n mens kan doen en ek glo dit is ‘n wonderlike hulpmiddel vir belastingbeplanning in terme van salarisse…”
    - Gerhard Stols, Gerhard Stols Accountants

    “Thanks to the Abacus Payroll Team for bringing together an affordable and functional software product. The service levels that I have received from your support team has truly been remarkable. ”
    -Bryce Moses, Sandford Park Country Hotel


    “We find Abacus to not only be the most cost-effective solution to our Payroll needs but they also have the best after-sales service out there. We recommend them to anyone”
    - Chrisna Coetzer, Sphere Financial Service

    “…Although there are many Payroll Systems in South Africa, none of them are as easy to use…”
    - Francois Vermeulen,  Admin College

    “…The first time I saw Abacus, I was blown away: extremely user-friendly and of course very powerful… You’ve got our backing Abacus!”
    - Earl Steyn, Draftworx / Data Prime





    • Accuracy, simplicity, functionality, ease-of-use, and efficiency 

    • are at the core of everything we do.

Learn more about Abacus Payroll Software in this brief presentation from 2013 :